Senta Knapp

Senta Knapp

Senta Knapp (B Soc Sc, DipHeaSc, AMINZ Associate, FDR Mediator) has been working as a conflict resolution facilitator, mediator, trainer and mentor for the past 20 years.  As an Employment Advocate, many have benefited from her specialist negotiation and mental health expertise.  She has worked alongside both employees and employers to resolve employment problems in private or through the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, the Employment Relations Authority and the Human Rights Commission.

As an experienced practitioner, Senta brings her own unique blend of compassion, sensitivity and strategic negotiation skills to every situation.   She has extensive experience in working with trauma, grief, domestic violence, bullying, sexual harassment, suicide, unfair dismissals and principle-based leadership or group conflict in government, social services as well as the private sector. 

Senta also provides conflict resolution, negotiation, communication and mediation training and leadership mentoring.

Senta started her career as a business strategist working in the advertising industry. Inspired to make a difference, and recognising the transformative role that conflict plays in our development, she retrained to become a conflict resolution facilitator through the Institute of Psychosynthesis, Process Therapy and the Harvard Programme of Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. She also completed further training in the Consciousness Sciences to better understand natural organisational power dynamics, conflict tensioning and archetypal resolution processes. She remains an active member of a Conflict Resolution Group for Professionals based on the principles of Process Therapy and is a registered Mediator and AMINZ Associate.

Phone: 021 771 933