Allen Goldstone

Allen Goldstone

Allen Goldstone graduated from Auckland University with a Law degree in 1976 and was admitted to the Bar as a barrister and solicitor in 1977. Since then he has worked in private legal practice as a barrister & solicitor, as an employee then business owner in the merchant banking sector, and as a business IT employee of major corporations, before setting up Goldstone Law, his own specialist employment law advocacy practice, in 2011. Since then he has assisted over 500 clients to resolve their employment relationship problems.    

Allen represents both employers and employees regarding all matters covered by the Employment Relations Act 2000; the Accident Compensation Act 2001; the Care and Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlement Act 2017: the Equal Pay Act 1972: the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; the Holidays Act 2003: the Home and Community Support (Payment for Travel Between Clients) Settlement Act 2016: the Human Rights Act 1993: the Minimum Wage Act 1983: the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987: the Policing Act 2008: the State Sector Act 1988 and the Wages Protection Act 1983.                                                       

He aims to resolve issues through negotiating early terms of settlement, failing which raising a personal grievance and resolving through mediation. In a small percentage of cases, it is necessary to file a case in the Employment Relations Authority or the Human Rights Commission to achieve a resolution.                                                                                                                

Allen is principled & professional, yet down to earth, and with the skills & experience to resolve the toughest case in an efficient timely manner.

Phone:  09 3766606