Our Fees

There are several important difference between us and other providers:-

1. You are
engaging a small and experienced team.

2. You can choose
who you would like to engage as your primary facilitator.

3. Your case will
not be passed on to a contractor.

4. Our charge-out rates are competitive.

Hourly Rate $250 (plus GST) per hour for cases where no financial settlement is sought eg.representation, investigation/disciplinary meetings, coaching and training.

No Win No Fee $300 engagement fee plus 1/3rd of financial settlements up to $15 000, 15% on balance of settlements over $15 000 (plus GST)

5. Our services may not cost you as much as you expect. In most cases, we are able to secure a full or partial contribution
towards the costs of getting your situation resolved.

6. Settlements
are tax-free and agreements are enforceable.

7. We offer
personalised and confidential support.