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  • Unfair Dismissal
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  • Redundancy
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Performance Management
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  • Wage Matters
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment
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Auckland based employment advice and representation.

We navigate your employment challenges to reach successful outcomes.
As experienced employment advocates, we address employment matters like personal grievance, constructive dismissal, and a range of employment disputes in a way that leaves you in a strong negotiating position and in most cases with financial compensation.


Investigation and Disciplinary Meetings can be very stressful as they can potentially lead to dismissal. We can help you understand your rights and obligations, coach you on how best to conduct yourself in the meeting and ensure that a fair process is followed, and outcomes as beneficial to you as possible.

Personal Grievance

Direct negotiation or raise a personal grievance? Contact us for a FREE and confidential consultation. We will advise you on the most effective approach to meet your objectives.

Executive Grievance

If you earn above average salary your claims and case can be far more complex and protracted than other employment scenarios. We are experienced in negotiating custom designed exit packages which maximise your income, protect from any restraint of trade provisions while ensuring your confidentiality.

No Win No Fee

Where the No Win No Fee option applies, we take part of the risk. Our services will only cost you if we are successful in winning you compensation. The Pay per Hour option applies where we represent you in meetings with your employer aimed at stopping you from being disciplined.


If you had your pay, hours of work or other conditions altered without your consent during the lockdowns, or never received the wage subsidy that your employer applied for, or were made redundant or terminated without the proper processes being followed, you are able to challenge the outcome.

Employer Advice

Resolving employment issues can be costly and stressful. We can provide tailored solutions that uniquely reflect your organisation's culture.

Auckland Employment Advocates

Allen Goldstone

Allen has worked as a barrister and solicitor in private practice and in the corporate world for over 40 years.  Since 2011 he has assisted over 500 clients to resolve their employment problems.

Contact: 09 376 6606

Ronald Jones

Ron has over twenty years’ experience in General Mangement, Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety.

Contact: 027 582 3077

Senta Knapp

Senta has over twenty years of experience working in Mental Health, Conflict Resolution Facilitation, Mediation, Negotiation and Employment Advocacy.

Contact: 021 771 933

Employment Advocacy makes a difference

Case Example - Exit Package

The client was a middle manager for a large corporation. She became grossly overworked to the detriment of her physical and mental health which began to cause her issues in the workplace. Rather than allow the situation to deteriorate, a without prejudice letter outlining the situation from his client’s viewpoint was sent to the employer. The advocate proposed an amicable end to the employment relationship and payment of a significant five-figure sum in compensation. An agreement was reached to pay the notice period as a taxable ex-gratia sum with the equivalent of a further three months salary as tax-free compensation. By proactively bringing an unsustainable situation to an end, the client had time to regain her health and secure a new position that better suited her character and skill base.
A young employee accepted a verbal agreement for a sales position. She had been told by her employer that the use of the company computer was for work only. Within the first six days, she was seen accessing the web and her social media account three times which lead to her being fired after only six days under the 90 day trial period. For a contract to be effective it must be provided in advance of the start date so the employee can take independent advice if they wish. Also, for a 90-day trial to be effective, it must be in writing and contain a start and finish date. This did not occur in this case. The employee took a Personal Grievance for unjustified dismissal. The employer defended the dismissal citing the 90-day trial period. The defense was unsuccessful and the employer was required to pay several thousands of dollars for hurt and humiliation and lost wages in compensation.

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